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Where can I save my passwords? Do you think it is Good Idea?

Today everyone is using Internet. In the Internet world our main goal is Secure our data. A password stands on the top of it. There are too many accounts for me like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Aim, and Skype and other than this some more passwords. I have to remember all these passwords in my mind which is little hard. Sometimes I have to think for the password when I usually forgot it. I cannot save it anywhere since it is confidential and even my financial data may be lost. So I have to serious about this point and have to maintain a safety zone.

What is the solution?

Finally USB biometric password key is worthy. This is myIDkey. No one can open the device since the device has the biometric lock. More that it has Bluetooth and voice command to search my files. For example if you want to search for the bank details which is stored in to myIDkey, say with the Bank name and then next it asks for the security authentication which will be confirmed by your finger print for the saved passwords. If enough attempts failed then the data stored will be erased which is mostly said to be Self Destruct or Mission: Impossible. No more forgot password in Future.myIDkey

This is a Digital world, which is good idea for Future. Finally we have a place to save our passwords which is very safe and secure.