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Whos Call – Your Call Filtering and Number Management


Whos call is an app that allows you to find about the unknown call you get. It works through internet searching and community reporting. You can decide whether to call back to your missed call numbers or helps you to figure out the caller information.

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Initially the app was designed for Android users and now it has released the version of iOS users. The information of the callers are stored in database and initially the phone numbers are added with the public sources like Yellow Pages, Google Place API and now it has about 600 million numbers says the researchers and other numbers are added by the users. The report says that the app has crossed three million downloads and block about 10 million unwelcome calls per month all over the world.

With the help of this app you can exactly figure out the name of the person or it is tele call or it is a scammed call within seconds in real world. You can block the unwanted calls and texts you receive with the help of this app. The reverse look up ability is available one of the new feature in iOS version which helps you to create the blacklist of unwelcome calls. The below video can helps you learn more about the Whos call app.

You can download the Android and iOS version of Whos call here which helps you in call filtering and Number Management.  What is your suggestion about this app?