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Wireless Media Drive and Flash Drive from San Disk


Now it is time to use the flash drive and storage drive via wifi. San Disk has introduced two devices that allow you to connect your device via wifi and also you can stream your videos and share it. the devices has built in battery and with 802.11n Wi-Fi network and it also allows multiple users to connect the device.

The devices comes with micro SD slot which helps you to store your files and it is doesn’t hold any in built storage in it. The devices have 32GB and 64GB versions of memory card devices. It supports upto 8 users in time and about 4 hours with stand battery. The device can be charged when it is connected to the computer. In security model it supports WPA 2 for wifi password protection. The following video helps you learn about the app for your wifi device access.

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sandisk-WirelessMediaDrive sandisk-WirelessUSBDrive-family