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Working method of Six Strikes Anti Piracy Program

In our earlier post, we share about the Anti Piracy program that starts this week. Now the Way the Anti Piracy work method.

The Copyright Alert System (CAS) is a group that monitors the peer to peer file transfer, sending warning for the use of pirated programs was created by the Center of Copyright Information with backing from RIAA and other copyright organization along with Internet Service Providers

This CSA verifies and looks for the internet users for the usage of pirated software’s. If found for the first time, it send a warning letter regarding the information that you are using something illegal.

The second will be an email requiring the acknowledgement and or call from the ISP.

The third and fourth will be the email with providing some educational tutorials regarding the piracy program.

The fifth and sixth warning will be the infraction. This means the ISP changes the landing page of your browser and the bandwidth will also be reduced.

Each and every ISP has their plans but they are not yet shared regarding the Antipiracy Programs.