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Yandex now added Parking App for Moscow

Russia’s search engine giant launched a parking app for the iOS and Android users to park their vehicle without waiting for the users to find their place to park their vehicle. Today most of the users are facing the problem with parking their vehicle in most of the cities. Moscow is also one of the famous place holds the traffic congestion, and now with Yandex. Parking users can park by knowing the available parking places on their nearby location and pay online for parking without spending much time for parking.

yandex parking

The places for parking will be updated every 10 to 15 minutes letting the users to find the places to park. Users can also pay their parking ticket online by using the Yandex. Money which provided by the own company online payment system and also by bankcard payment. This provides the users to allot their parking and make their life easier for the people in Moscow. What do you think about this app?